Landscaping Industry Trends

Landscaping Industry Trends

Though many industries change over time, landscaping might be one of the trades that experiences the most frequent fluctuations in business flow and project type. After all, the landscaping industry is heavily dependent on the weather and seasons, creating variation in the types of jobs you’ll see. If you're new to starting a business, check out our Ultimate Guide To Starting Your Landscaping Business.

Because homeowner needs and desires change, your work may differ from year to year. Keeping up with landscaping trends will help you prepare for upcoming jobs and allow you to better serve your clients. Here are some of the biggest landscaping trends that are happening now.

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Whats Trending In Landscaping

What’s Trending in Landscaping

Landscapers have their work cut out for them. Every homeowner project is different, depending on the season. They must provide excellent customer service along with great work to really impress their customer. The good news is that at least half of homeowners who contact a landscaping pro are ready to hire for their project.

As the next generation of homeowners begin to buy and move into their first house, they might be surprised by how much upkeep is needed for their lawn and landscaping. That means a new generation of consumers is hiring and looking for the right pro to help maintain their lawns and yards. For this generation, there is also an emphasis on using earth-friendly and sustainable materials when landscaping. This is something to keep in mind as you work with new homeowners.

Where Are The Landscaping Leads

Where Are the Landscaping Leads?

Depending on where you live, you may find a lot of work in the spring and summer seasons. Our data shows that landscaping pros will see the most work in May and June, and stay busy until about October when work begins to slow for most contractors across many industries.

On top of timing, location also matters. Generally, states with warmer climates will have a larger need to keep their yards looking beautiful year-round. Here are the states where landscapers are the busiest:

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. Florida
  4. Michigan
  5. Georgia
  6. Illinois
  7. New York

However, there are landscaping needs across the country. Keep your business in mind for customers by utilizing marketing tactics such as email and leave behind materials year-round, so when the time comes, they know who to call.

What Homeowners Are Looking For

What Homeowners Are Looking For

So what are landscapers seeing a lot of this year? Let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends happening at the moment.

1. Water Management

With more homeowners focusing on sustainability, many are looking at their yard as a place where they can potentially conserve resources. Some popular sustainable water management trends include rain barrels and water-saving sprinkler systems. In fact, with new technology at people’s fingertips, smart sprinkler systems are the hot item to have for landscaping. Homeowners can monitor and control their sprinklers from wherever they are whenever they want. It’s certainly the technology a sustainable homeowner is looking for.

2. Outdoor Rooms

Another focus for homeowners this year is holistic home wellness, both indoors and out. Many are beginning to treat their outdoor space like the indoors and seeking to create a space for relaxation. Outdoor garden rooms are popular this year, with folks creating a sanctuary in the backyard for yoga or meditation. It’s a great way to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life and connect with nature.

An outdoor room doesn’t feature walls as much as it uses tall landscape plans such as hedges or trees to section off a private space in the yard. You might find a bench and a water feature here to increase relaxation as well as beautifully-smelling flowers to enhance the senses.

3. Native Landscaping

In addition to sustainable living, homeowners are looking to include plants into their landscaping that are native to the area. This has great benefits for urban environments as well as helping the plants to thrive. After all, these plants have existed for many years in one area, so they’re best suited for success. According to the Chicago Botanic Garden, these plants need less water and fertilizers compared to their non-native counterpart. This not only saves customers money, but resources as well, making it a great option to stay trendy and green this year.

4. Hardscaping

Hardscaping, or the addition of non-living elements into the landscape, is also popular. Examples of hardscape features include brick patios, paths, decks, outdoor kitchens, and water features. Homeowners are loving cohesive designs that allow the living landscape and hardscape to flow harmoniously together. These features may cost more upfront, but are typically more low-maintenance in the long run, making them lucrative options for homeowners.


Based on the current data, it looks like pros have a good year ahead. It’s important to always stay on top of what’s trending for homeowners, as things can change quickly. This will help you to better your customer service and make suggestions to fit their needs.

What landscaping trends are you seeing in your area? Let us know in the comments below!