How To Find Landscaping Jobs Near Me

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Other than being a master of your trade, three of the most important aspects of successful landscaping businesses are: having quality lead generation, bidding jobs correctly, and landing the job. Many contractors are top-notch tradesmen but may not know how to generate more landscaping leads. If you're new to starting a business, check out our Ultimate Guide To Starting A Landscaping Business.

Another scenario is they have the landscaping leads, but they may not bid accurately and end up losing money, or they bid too high and don’t get the referrals and repeat customers they would with a more accurate estimate. Here are some tricks of the landscaping trade.

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Landscaping Pros Near Me

Quality Lead Generation

Generating quality landscaping leads is essential to the growth and success of one’s landscaping business; fortunately, finding customers doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Here are some helpful suggestions:

  1.   Start close to home. Share your business cards with friends and family, and courage them to share the word.
  2.   Neighborhood social apps like NextDoor can be a good way to find potential customers by 1) posting your business information on the sites, 2) find people in the neighborhood who have posted their needs and requests for landscapers so you can message them and land a client.
  3.   Build your landscaping referral program! Offer customers discounts for each referral they provide or a free service after so many referrals.
  4.   Use social media platforms to place ads in your area. You will need to create ads and determine which social media platforms would be most lucrative for your location and clientele. Also, utilize social media to get people to your website. Create a blog or vlog of helpful landscaping tips!
  5.   Get involved in community events, charity and for-profit, because it not only generates goodwill, but it builds brand awareness.
  6.   It’s okay to be old-fashioned sometimes – advertise on the radio (maybe form a partnership with the station and have a weekly show of landscaping tips) and people do still read newspapers, so place an ad. Another oldie-but-goodie is sending out a mailer or postcard that can help needy homeowners find you!
  7.   Let the professionals do the work of lead generation for you. With CraftJack, you get high-quality, phone-verified leads from serious homeowners in your area. With CraftJack, you also will not only connect with potential clients in real-time, but you will gain a team of individuals who are invested in your success.

Landing The Job

Once you have generated a lead, it’s important to follow-up quickly because time is the essence. When you meet with or speak to a potential client, quickly build rapport. It is great to know exactly what you have to offer your clients and be able to articulate that to them. Give them evidence of your reputation and experience along with verbalizing that you are insured and licensed. Send them to your website which should have referrals from your past clients and a picture gallery from past/present clients. Likewise, they should quickly see that you are insured and licensed.

Pricing The Work

Once, they have requested a formal bid, you will want to really get to know the client! Knowing what they want will be the key to a successful bid and a successful business relationship. Here are a few questions that will help you to get to know your client, and in turn, develop a plan and a bid that is right for them.

  •       What are you hoping to achieve with the landscaping?
  •       How much maintenance are you looking to put into the project after it is completed? 
  •       Are you wanting long-term maintenance?
  •       What is the budget you’d like to apply to the project?

Kinds Of Landscaping Bids

Next, you will determine which kind of bid proposal you want to give on a job-by-job basis. After you have surveyed the area, determine if you should create a:

Fixed Landscaping Price 

  •       Means no matter how long it takes it will remain one price
  •       Many landscaping jobs are perfect for this type of contract
  •        Homeowners prefer this

Time and Material Landscaping Contracts

  •       Bill by the hour
  •       Each item purchased becomes a line item
  •       More flexible (This is important if the job looks like it could have some hidden problems)
  •        The customer has to approve additional changes to cost and materials which is important to protect you and them
  •       Try to provide a maximum envisioned cost with the transparency that problems may arise

A good formula to follow in determining your landscaping bid:

  •     Estimate the overhead costs
  •     Estimate costs for materials
  •     Determine any costs for subcontractors
  •     Estimate number of hours for the work
  •     Add in your markup
  •     Calculate the job 

Running a business is tough, but landing jobs isn’t so tough when you have good lead generation, good follow-up, develop a rapport with clients, and provide a bid that is fair for you and the homeowners.

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