Where To Find Contractor Jobs

Where To Find Contractor Jobs

As a contractor, you’re always on the lookout for new jobs. Sometimes this may come easy, but other times, it may be more difficult to locate homeowners looking for your services. However, it’s a job that must be done so your business can be successful.

Regardless of the season, you might be wondering where you can find contractor jobs. The truth is, you can easily find leads near you. Here are a few ideas on where you can find contractor jobs.

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Finding Contractor Jobs

Finding Contractor Jobs

When looking for contractor jobs, it can be tricky to put yourself out there and find jobs. You need to have a well-crafted sales pitch, an engaging website and reasons why a customer should hire you over the rest of the contractors out there.

On top of the skilled work you do, having a great sales pitch will be key to landing jobs. Your overall sales presentation is important to help you win the job, regardless of where you find it. Take some time and freshen up your sales skills.

Once you’ve taken some time to work on your sales pitch, it’s time to find new contractor jobs. Here are a few areas to consider if you haven’t yet tried them.

  • Lead Generation Services
  • Local Message Boards
  • Social Media
  • Fliers & Brochures
  • Local Events
  • Referral Discounts

1. Lead Generation Service

One of the best ways to find contractor jobs near you is by joining a lead generation service. They will help you easily connect with homeowners in your area. CraftJack offers a range of benefits for contractors who sign up for lead generation. Not only will you get leads from homeowners ready to start their projects, you’ll also be able to use the pro app to help manage all your leads.

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2. Local Message Boards

Another great place to look for contractor work are local message boards. Unlike 20 years ago, many of those message boards can be found online through sites such as Everyblock and NextDoor. Here, you’ll also find homeowners who are reaching out to neighbors online looking for a range of services. It’s a great place to start the conversation with homeowners in your area, without leaving your desk.

Before advertising your service on any online message board, be sure to check with the rules or code of conduct to see what is allowed. Every service is different, and some don’t allow business advertising outside of a chat dialogue.

Social Media Contractor Jobs

3. Social Media

You might be tired of hearing this one already, but if you’re not using social media to find contractor jobs, you’re missing out. Now with the new “recommendations” feature, you can easily find homeowners in your area who are looking to connect with pros. You can also engage with people on various groups that have to do with your area or trade to find prospective customers.

Additionally, having a social media business page will help you boost your business and allow for more customers to see the work you do.

4. Fliers & Brochures

As a tried and true method, fliers and brochures are a great way to find new business. The key is having a flier or brochure that stands out. Make sure it’s well designed and has a great call-to-action so customers are eager to call you when they receive it. For an interesting way to get your name out, try using a magnet that shares your contact info and what you do. That way, homeowners will be reminded of your services when they need it!

Find Local Events

5. Local Events

By attending local events, you can put your business out there and get to know members of your community. Host a booth at a local farmers market where you can directly meet people and share your services. Sponsor a tee-ball team in your area that will represent your business. Get involved in local activities and meet your neighbors.

If you enjoy the in-person introductions, connect with your local chamber of commerce. They are helping small businesses just like yours network in the area. Most host regular events to connect with other business owners and homeowners in your town. Research where your chamber of commerce is located and get plugged in.

6. Referral Discounts

Often, pros can find new contractor jobs though past customers who are loyal to their service. Offering a referral discount to these customers might not only ensure repeat business but also business in the future. It’s a great way to generate new leads and find more contractor jobs near you.


Finding contractor jobs might take a little bit of innovative thinking but try more than one tactic to see where you can find new business. You may have to go out of your comfort zone a bit, but you’ll be finding new business in no time.

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