What A Lead Is & What It Is Not

Purpose Of A Lead

A lead can take on many different meanings, largely depending on what industry you’re in. Below, we will cover what an online lead is and what it is not in relation to the home remodeling industry.

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What A Lead Is & What It Is Not

Defining A Lead

A lead is an individual that expresses interest in a specific service. In this sense, a lead is the initiation of homeowner interest or an inquiry into your services through digital channels. Compare the experience to someone who’s shopping around in your store, collecting information and gauging prices. They’re curious, open to buying and can be convinced or sold to if the interaction goes well. Of course, there’ll be times when a homeowner is ready to complete a project or has an urgent matter, but even so, that doesn’t mean they just want to throw their money at anyone.

This is where your sales tactics come into play. The trouble is that many contractors give up after the first attempt at trying to contact a homeowner because they assumed it was a done deal. They get upset when they find out the homeowner isn’t ready to commit immediately. If you do call and the lead isn’t ready to pull the trigger, it misrepresents the notion that lead generation doesn’t work. As a result, leads get lost, ignored or snatched up by your competitors. This is the step that separates those who have great success with lead generation and those who fail to see the value.

The initial contact with a lead is the first stage in the bigger picture of a well-rounded and holistic sales approach. You need to have a solid process for turning leads into sales. Lead nurturing, relationship building and understanding lead generation will help you build trust and close more jobs.

Purpose Of A Lead

As a business owner, your sales techniques and skills better be sharp. It’s not worth investing your time and money in advertising if you aren’t prepared to go through the full sales cycle. Leads exist for the purpose of the chance to sell and are part of developing a strong sales pipeline. Be attentive to the fact that the very nature of an online buyer is different than the homeowner who reaches out to you. Leads need to be called quickly, often and with an approachable tone.

Defining A Lead

What A Lead Is

1. Information

A lead is an introduction to a contact or prospect who has proactively shown interest in your services. This information is as valuable as you make it. Calling right away is a winning formula to following up to leads. How quickly you contact the lead after receiving the information can make or break the sale. It’s paramount that contractors have a system in place for calling leads multiple times and tracking progress. This is the only way to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit from each lead.

2. Targeted Data

All homeowners have taken an action or multiple actions to get their information to our contractors, largely through a network of home improvement websites and a seasoned marketing program. The homeowner will select the specific project, timing and location for the requested work. The data collected is optimized for each contractor based on your trade, territory and when you want to receive leads. Leads are vetted and designed to provide you with information unique to you.

3. More than A Name

Thinking of a lead as just another name will only hurt you in the long run. A narrow definition of a lead will deliver narrow results. Challenge yourself to expand your mindset to view the lead as a way to build your contact list and secure future repeat business. If you do win the job and perform quality work, there’s a very good chance the homeowner will be letting their friends and family know through word of mouth.

4. A Way to Advertise & Grow Your Business

There’s no shame in using advertising as way to generate more business and reach new prospects. Make sure your website is updated, informational and attractive. This is one place you can guarantee any lead will go to check out your business. Ask your customers to write reviews about you online. Reviews lead to more generated sales, an increase in conversions and a greater number of return visitors.

5. A Step in the Right Direction

A lead is a step in the right direction. You’re taking action to move your business forward and gain new customers. Growing your business is all part of owning your own shop. Your consumers are online searching, requesting and reviewing. Make sure you’re there to answer their call.

What A Lead Is

What A Lead Is Not

Now that we know what a lead is, let’s clarify what a lead is not so there’s no confusion. A lead is not a sale, a guaranteed job or a done deal. Using a lead generation service is a form of advertising for your business. While the leads that are sent to service professionals are interested customers, it’s up to the contractors to sell their services.

Most homeowners will seek out multiple quotes, regardless if they submitted their request online or not, so don’t be surprised if you encounter competition during the estimate and bidding process. This is where the contractor needs to implement their sales skills and differentiate themselves from the other contenders.

CraftJack’s Terrific Credit Policy

Despite elite technology, bad phone numbers can fall through the cracks. While we do not credit you if you do not talk to the homeowner, we do have other scenarios where a credit will always be granted:

  • Fake Phone Numbers
  • Wrong Phone Numbers
  • Renters Submit Lead
  • Mismatched Service
What A Lead Is Not


Educating yourself on what a lead is will be your quickest way to finding success with a lead generation service like CraftJack. There are no guarantees in life and the same goes for business. That’s why it’s up to you to learn how to use this information to your advantage and take all the necessary steps to turn each lead into a sale.

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