Contractor Spotlight: Benshine’s Junk Removal

As a lead generation company, CraftJack is not only here to help you connect with homeowners in your area, but also here to help your business thrive. Our staff gets excited when we hear about your success stories, and even more so when we get to share them.

Today, CraftJack is featuring Benshine’s Junk Removal. They’ve been a CraftJack pro since February 2019 and have some tips for success to share with you today.

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Benshines Junk Removal

Benshine’s Junk Removal

If you’re in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, you’re not far from Benshine’s Junk Removal. From old appliances to yard waste, they’re dedicated to making the junk removal process easier for their customers. You can learn more about Benshine’s Junk Removal by visiting their website.

Joseph Benstine, company owner, was able to answer a few questions for us regarding his experience with CraftJack and give some advice to those just starting out. Here’s what he had to say:

CraftJack: Tell me about your business and how you got started?

Benshine’s Junk Removal: “So we originally started in landscaping, and all of our customers started asking us to take their junk and haul it off. As time went on and that became a more frequent question, we slowly fazed out of landscaping and went to strictly junk removal. Now we are a fully-insured junk removal company, and our customers love it!”

CraftJack: What services do you provide your customers and how long have you been providing them?

Benshine’s Junk Removal: “We are a full-service junk removal company, meaning, we will come in and remove any items that need removal no matter where they are in the house, just point and we’ll take it and haul it! We were established in mid-2018 and have been working with junk removal for three years.”

CraftJack: Why did you decide to sign up for CraftJack & how do you use CraftJack to grow your business?

Benshine’s Junk Removal: “I signed up for CraftJack when I was searching for more clients, and it was slow. I use CraftJack to grow my business by gaining new clients and keeping them”

CraftJack: What is an aspect of your work that you love?

Benshine’s Junk Removal: “I love the work we do because generally when we haul peoples junk off, they are overwhelmed with what to do with it. It gives us a way to come in and help our customers out by providing a great service that they needed!”

CraftJack: What about your work do you find challenging? How do you overcome it?

Benshine’s Junk Removal: “I would say sometimes the weather can be a pretty challenging obstacle on those hot summer days in AZ, just stay hydrated and pace yourself.”

CraftJack: What success tips do you have for other pros who may just be starting out?

Benshine’s Junk Removal: “One of the things I struggled with at first was paying too much attention to landing each lead rather than letting it go if I didn’t land a couple. Pay more attention to your averages at the end of the month, how many jobs did you get overall from that lead source versus what you spent. Consistency is a pretty important key to see if something works.”

Thanks to Benshine’s Junk Removal for sharing with us today. If you’re interested in speaking with us to be featured in a contractor spotlight, contact your account manager today.