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Craigslist & Nextdoor Marketing Tips

Craigslist and Nextdoor are both invaluable tools for contractors who want to reach a local audience, but how do you advertise effectively on Nextdoor and Craigslist? What’s the best way to attract attention without looking like a spammer? We’ve prepared some quick and easy Craigslist and Nextdoor marketing tips for you.

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How To Manage Your Reputation On Facebook

For many social media users, Facebook isn’t just a place to chat with friends and family. It’s a source of news, entertainment, and even product and service information. Users can “look for recommendations” and receive suggestions from friends or fellow group members, then check out the profiles and reviews of those businesses.

Careful reputation management is essential for any contractor that wishes to maintain a presence on Facebook. How you spread the word about your page and how you respond to reviews, good and bad, makes a huge difference to how your business is perceived.


Before & After Marketing For Contractors

When you’re in the business of delivering solid results as a home improvement contractor, there’s nothing that displays the quality of your work more vividly than letting prospects see the outcome for themselves. For that reason, the art of before and after marketing is key. Here, we’ll talk about some of the do’s and don’ts of this kind of marketing and how you can make it into a powerful tool for selling your brand to the public.

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10 Ways You Can Earn A 5-Star Review

Individuals who are looking for contractors will usually do an online search. As part of that search, they’re likely to read reviews and check the ratings for the companies they’re considering. Having 5-star reviews for your company can help you get more business so your company can grow.

It isn’t easy to keep up with all your company’s reviews online. Instead of using your valuable time to search for new reviews, you can turn to a reputation management service. If you want to earn 5-star reviews to help boost your reputation, consider these tips.


How To Increase Telemarketing Sales

No matter how much the landscape of telemarketing has changed over the years, evolving from rotary phones and phone directory pages to automated call centers with predictive dialing, certain truths remain. Telemarketing is still one of the most important tools in the arsenal of any sales team, and telemarketing teams with the right tools and training can make all the difference in hitting your targets. As a home improvement contractor, it’s always worth your time to think about how to increase telemarketing sales.


How Do I Fix My Online Reputation?

Even the best contractor in the world will eventually receive a mediocre review online. Perhaps a mistake was made on a job site, a customer misunderstood the scope of a project, or a client simply felt dissatisfied with a project outcome for either legitimate or illegitimate reasons. Regardless of the cause, negative online reviews can seem like a scarlet letter, bringing attention to a poor customer opinion in a way that can diminish praise in the future.

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The Difference Between Proactive & Reactive Customer Service

For as long as business has been a thing, most companies have approached customer service from a reactive perspective. That is, they respond to consumer queries, concerns and issues as they arise. The digital revolution means people have increased access to a greater number of products and services than ever — which also means a more competitive marketplace.

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Ways To Grow Your Business In 2021

After a year of upheaval, 2021 promises to offer plenty of opportunity to expand your company and build your customer base. If you’re trying to grow your business this year, there are a few simple things you can do to land more jobs and make this your most profitable year yet.

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Contractors who know how to grow a small business into something larger understand that building a great team is a key to success. Hire experienced professionals and offer the kind of work environment and benefits that make them want to stick around. Develop real relationships with your employees and subcontractors, and create clear project goals that make it easier for your team to get the job done.


Responding To Negative Reviews

There are many things a contractor has to do to continue getting clients. One of these ensuring their online reputation stays intact. Knowing how to respond to negative reviews is important because it’s inevitable that negative reviews will come at some point in their career. CraftJack is here to help businesses track their online presence.

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What Is A Duplicate Business Listing

If you’re trying to improve your online reputation, checking the accuracy of your business information should be high on your list of priorities. Because duplicate listings may contain outdated or incorrect information, they can cause customer confusion, decreased website traffic, and lost revenue for your brand, and they should be remedied as quickly as possible. In this article, you’ll learn the causes and repercussions of duplicate business listings and discover how they can be found and handled.