10 Ways You Can Earn A 5-Star Review

10 Ways You Can Earn A 5 Star Review

Individuals who are looking for contractors will usually do an online search. As part of that search, they’re likely to read reviews and check the ratings for the companies they’re considering. Having 5-star reviews for your company can help you get more business so your company can grow.

It isn’t easy to keep up with all your company’s reviews online. Instead of using your valuable time to search for new reviews, you can turn to a reputation management service. If you want to earn 5-star reviews to help boost your reputation, consider these tips.

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1. Remain Professional At All Times

Anyone who represents your company should be prepared to remain professional at all times. Customers might have complaints and get angry, but addressing those issues in a professional manner is important. Each person who represents your company has the power to alter customer ratings.

You must ensure that all employees clean up after themselves and treat the customer’s property with respect. If they’re going into the customer’s home when it’s muddy or snowy, shoe covers can help show customers you care. Being represented by professional employees shows customers your company deserves good Google reviews.

2. Talk To The Customer

Customers appreciate communication. If you want to earn 5-star reviews, you need to ensure you’re keeping in contact with the customer. While it might not be pleasant, you need to be sure that you relay anything negative about the project as quickly as possible. This can prevent the customer from thinking you’re trying to hide things from them.

When you’re discussing these matters with the customer, be sure to find out if they have questions. Always be truthful with your answers, even if that means telling them you don’t know the answer and need to find out.

3. Understand The Project

Some customers may get upset if they feel you didn’t listen to them. One way to avoid this and get more good reviews is to ensure you fully understand the project. Restate the project to the customer. Draw it up if you need to. You should also make sure the full scope of the project is covered in the construction contract.

4. Use High-Quality Materials

Using inferior materials won’t encourage your customers to leave you 5-star reviews. While you do need to take the budget of the project into account, you should always choose the best quality materials you can afford to provide for the project.

5. Utilize The Best Construction Methods

Workmanship is one of the primary factors that will get you good reviews. Showcasing your skill when you’re reviewing the project with the customer may be a good time to encourage them to leave a positive review. Because workmanship is so important, some companies focus on a few specialties so they can fine-tune them and keep up the company’s reputation.

6. Focus On Feedback During Construction

Throughout the project, ask the customer to provide feedback. Show them what’s being done and outline the plan for the future. This gives them a chance to address any potential issues before the project is completed. It also shows the customer you care about their thoughts on how things are going.

7. Complete The Project On Time

When you’re asking yourself, “How do I get customers to write positive reviews?” you need to think about what’s important for the customer. One of the most important things is having projects done on time. As a reputable contractor, you should be able to gauge how long projects will take to finish. And you should be sure to add in some extra time just in case something unexpected happens. It’s always best to finish the project early rather than explain why you won’t finish on time.

8. Take Before And After Pictures

Before and after pictures are an excellent way to show the customer exactly what you did. They might allow you to use them in your marketing, but be sure to get permission first. For some customers, the fact that you’re able to show them side-by-side pictures will make a huge difference in the review you get.

9. Follow Up With The Customer

Even if the customer is satisfied with the work you did right at the end of the project, it’s a good idea to follow up with them in a week or two. This shows that you want them to be completely satisfied with your work. This can often allow you to ask for a positive review during the natural flow of a conversation.

10. Resolve Problems Quickly

Some customers won’t tell you directly that there are issues with a project. Instead, you’ll only learn this when they leave a negative review for you. Instead of ignoring those reviews, address them. Make it clear to everyone who reads the reviews that you’re doing everything in your power to help the customer.

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