How To Get More Carpentry Work

Looking for more carpentry work? Learn how CraftJack can help you get high-quality leads for your business.

How to Get More Carpentry Work

If you're trying to get more carpentry work, it's important to have a systematic process in place for generating high-quality leads. A low-quality lead has no need for your services, while a high-quality lead has a need for your carpentry expertise and has a high chance of turning into a paying customer. Keep reading to learn how to find new customers in your area.

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Use A Lead Generation Company

Although the marketing methods below are effective, they also take time. If you don't have any experience with setting up a website or using social media, there's also a chance your marketing efforts will hurt your business more than they help it. Working with a lead generation company takes away some of the pressure, leaving you with more time to focus on finishing current jobs and starting new ones.

CraftJack takes the guesswork out of following up with leads by verifying every lead before it's passed on to you. When you receive a lead, you know you're not going to waste your time talking with someone who has no need for your services or isn't willing to spend money on quality carpentry. Potential customers submit their project details on our website, we verify the phone number to make sure it's legitimate, and only then do we give you the lead. CraftJack even alerts you each time a new lead arrives, making it easier than ever to follow up and convert your leads into paying customers as quickly as possible.

Set Up A Website

If you don't have a website, you're missing out on an opportunity to educate potential customers on your services and help them understand why they should choose you over a competing firm. Whether you do finish work carpentry or carpentry and joinery, you should have a website that describes your services, lets people know how to get in touch with you, and helps visitors understand what kind of work you do. You may even want to set up a page titled "What Is Carpentry Work?" to explain what kind of work you do and help potential customers determine if you can meet their needs.

It's also important to optimize your website for the search engines, a process known as SEO. Done correctly, SEO drives traffic to your website, helps visitors understand what you do, and increases the percentage of visitors who eventually become paying customers. Local SEO is an excellent way to find new customers in your city as it focuses on making your site more visible to people in your area rather than optimizing it for the entire Web. One way to get more local customers is to add a landing page to your site for each city or neighborhood you serve. If you do finish work carpentry in Miami, for example, you'd set up landing pages for South Beach, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, and other local neighborhoods.

Tweak Your Existing Website

One of the most common marketing mistakes contractors make is to put up a website and forget about it. For your site to help you get steady carpentry work, it must be updated regularly with information about your services, pictures of completed projects, special offers, and other information to help you attract visitors and get them interested in what you have to offer. In addition to your service pages, you should have a blog where potential customers can go to see your recent projects and learn more about carpentry. An easy way to generate content is to take photos before, during, and after you finish each project. As the project progresses, you can publish several updates, showing off the quality of your carpentry work and giving prospects a reason to contact you. If writing isn't your thing, you can easily hire an experienced writer to come up with post ideas, draft the content, and even publish the content on your blog.

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Promote Carpentry Work On Social Media

You also need a strong social media presence to help spread the word about your services. Although social media is used to form and maintain personal connections, it's also a powerful tool for marketing small businesses. Your social media accounts can help you connect with potential customers in your area, educate consumers on the services you provide, and show off pictures of completed projects. Consider setting up an account on each of the following networks:


Facebook allows users to create personal accounts and company pages, making it an excellent place to promote your business. If you don't have a business page, click Create Page, select the correct business category, and start filling out your profile with information about your services and expertise. Choose a profile photo that relates to your business in some way, such as a professional logo or a photo of one of your biggest projects. Once you have a business page, you can invite current customers to like it or recommend it to their friends.

To attract high-quality leads, use Facebook to share photos of finished projects, testimonials from happy customers, and links to the blog posts you publish on your website. One advantage of using Facebook for marketing is that you can also post videos, making your business page a great place to post video clips featuring current projects or showing potential customers how to make small repairs while they save money for major renovations.


Instagram is known for its influencers, but it's also an excellent tool for marketing a small business. The photo-sharing app makes it easy to post photos and tag them with relevant hashtags, which can make your business more visible, especially if you use hashtags with your city or state name in them. Once you set up your account, be sure to fill out your profile with as much detail as possible to help people find you. In addition to photos, you can also post video clips to show potential customers who use Instagram how you manage each project and ensure it's a success.


Twitter is designed for short messages, so it's ideal for connecting with leads in your neighborhood. Like Instagram, Twitter allows you to use hashtags to help people understand what your posts are about. These hashtags also make it easier for people to find you when they search Twitter for specific keywords. To set up your account, choose a username, enter your business information, upload a profile photo, and add the URL to your website. You can also upload a large header to help Twitter users understand what your account is all about. Once your account is set up, you can start sending "tweets" — messages of no more than 280 characters, including spaces. To make your tweets more interesting, add photos or videos when possible. Try to post several times per week to draw more followers to your account and get them interested in your services.


Many people think of LinkedIn as a site for people who work in accounting, IT, and other office environments, but don't overlook it as a great source of leads for your carpentry business. When you set up a profile on LinkedIn, you can connect with personal and professional contacts, ask for recommendations, and add information about your skills and certifications. Potential customers may see one of your recommendations when they're visiting someone else's profile, drawing attention to your carpentry business. If you have any carpentry-specific certifications, adding the information to your profile can also help you show potential customers you have a legitimate business and understand how to do remodeling work that meets their exacting specifications.

Check Job Advertisements

If you're self-employed, it's probably been a while since you checked local job advertisements. Even if you're not interested in working for someone else, you should still check job listings regularly to see if there are any projects that interest you. Whether you want to do small carpentry jobs or large remodeling projects, you can use the local ads to find companies in need of subcontractors, creating new opportunities to use your skills and get more experience. Use terms like "carpentry jobs hiring near me" and "carpentry jobs in [city]" to identify opportunities in your area. The next time you meet a potential customer, you can let them know about each project you've completed, ensuring they understand what level of expertise you'd bring to their project.

Generate High-Quality Leads

CraftJack uses proven lead generation methods to find high-quality leads for contractors who do carpentry work, finishing work, and general contracting. Working with us can help make your business more profitable by ensuring you have a steady stream of verified leads who are ready to hire someone to perform carpentry work. To get started, call CraftJack at 866-332-7134 or visit the CraftJack website today.