Social Media Marketing Hacks To Make Your Life Easier


Owning a business is no easy task. It takes hard work, dedication and commitment. One way to grow your business is through social media, but I understand it can be your friend or foe depending on your expertise. Using social media to grow your business is tricky if you’re not familiar with the various platforms and features.

That’s why I’ve come up with social media hacks specifically for business. Hacks are tricks, shortcuts or skills that increase productivity and efficiency. The social media hacks outlined below will help you navigate the landscape and make your life easier.

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Launch & Update Your Website

Before I dive into social media best practices, it’s important to remember your end goal. The point of social media is to drive traffic to your contractor website and generate leads. It’s important to have a contractor website because customers want to view pricing, reviews and get in touch with you online.

Drive people to your website to collect information and take action, should they like what they see. If they find you on social media, make it easy for them to learn more. Direct them to your site where their questions will be answered.

Take Advantage Of Social Scheduling Tools

Manage multiple social networks, schedule updates and monitor traffic with scheduling tools. The Hootsuite tool, for example, lets you schedule posts from multiple social media accounts. This platform saves you time and ensures smooth sailing on all of your company profiles.

This is just one solution to consider. There are many social media scheduling tools to ensure you’re reaching your customers, even when you’re out on the job. One reason contractors shy away from social media marketing is because of time. While you may be busy, your customers are online all the time. If you’re not there, you’ll lose them to the competition.


Use Facebook Business Manager

A Facebook business page is critical for any business newbie looking for a leg up on the competition. The most common mistake people make is managing their business page from their personal Facebook profile. Now that you know about Facebook Business Manager, see why it’s time to make the switch.

Below are the benefits of using Facebook Business Manager:

  • The platform separates out your personal Facebook account from the work you do for a business.
  • You still access this platform through your personal Facebook account, but the work you do on Facebook will no longer be attributed to your personal account. Instead, it’s attributed to the business itself.
  • It integrates Facebook Ads Manager so you can run online advertisements. This allows you to separate out the billing of that service from your personal account.
  • It’s a great way to provide internal team members access without requiring they provide personal account information.

Encourage Employees & Customers To Spread The Word

As a contractor, I’m sure you’re familiar with the benefits of word of mouth marketing. The good news is that you don’t have to choose between word of mouth and social media marketing. They can work together to spread the message about you and your business. Ask for reviews, encourage employees to share with their networks and, most importantly, do great work that gets people talking about you in a positive way.


Extend Your Professional Network

Social media isn’t just for fun and games anymore, but for the workplace too. Business owners are using social to connect with new customers. The platforms make it easier to stay in touch with loyal fans and build professional networks, who act as resources for future educational or business purposes.

You need to be active on social. If you aren’t, you risk being forgotten about in the sea of information consumers are bombarded with daily. LinkedIn is a great platform for getting started, because that’s why people join. It’s primarily focused on creating professional networking where individuals come together to share opportunities and information on how to succeed in business.

Present Your Knowledge & Expertise Through Content

Why push out content in the first place? Deliver quality content to your target audience to build trust with them. Also, because consumers need information before making a big purchase, such as home improvement services.

Send a monthly newsletter and keep yourself top of mind. Share your knowledge, expertise and tips through blogs or industry publications. Be proactive in your community. Join relevant trade associations. These are steps that show your customers you care. It also proves to them you know what you’re doing.


Use High Quality Visuals

It’s no longer acceptable to showcase low-quality images of your company work. Share your efforts, but do it with pride and raise the bar. People take notice and, as a result, will judge if they want to work with you based on your marketing materials and project portfolio images. Pinterest and Instagram are two platforms worth testing out from a home improvement standpoint.

Homeowners use social media tools to search and get ideas for their projects. Make sure you go where they’re searching so you are their answer. Tell your story through visuals and, most of all, create an emotional connection that’ll have potential customers lining up to work with you.


Social media marketing just became a whole lot easier with these hacks. Start small and make daily efforts to build your community and, therefore, connect with new customers online. Not having time to manage social media is no longer an excuse, hence, focus on efficiency. Make the time using hacks and shortcuts to not only get the job done, but make your life easier.