How To Use CraftJack To Find More Painting Leads

Generate leads and grow your painting company with support from the team at CraftJack. Whether you're looking for large scale projects or one-off jobs, we can help.

How to Use CJ to Find More Painting Leads 1

As a painting contractor, you need to work a little harder than big box stores to find leads. Most of your customers require your services once or twice but won't need them again for some time. You can't rely on repeat business as a core driver of success. As such, generating a steady pipeline of contractor leads is vital for success.

For painting company owners, generating leads can feel like a never-ending uphill battle. Let CraftJack take that work off your hands so you can focus on customer experience, strategy, and managing growth. Keep reading to learn how to get more contractor leads.

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Why Are Leads For Contractors Important?

With a clearly defined lead generation strategy, you can locate leads within your target audience and reach them directly. When done properly, lead generation turns website traffic into sales appointments and quote requests.

The problem for most contractors is that it's difficult to know where to start. If you go it alone or work with a generic marketing company, you're likely to only generate generic leads. And getting people to visit your website isn't the same as getting people to spend money with your company.

Instead of focusing on the quantity of leads for contractors, pay attention to the quality of your leads. This means specifically targeting potential customers who intend to use your service.  

How To Find Painting Jobs To Bid On

With CraftJack, you get more than access to leads within your target audience. There are also a wide variety of tools available to help you improve your strategy and grow your painting business. Below is a quick explanation of how to get leads for contractors using CraftJack Pro. 

CraftJack Lead Manager

With CraftJack, you enter your service radius and let us know you're a painting contractor and we match you to leads in your local area. You only ever pay for the leads you receive, no membership fees required. 

But it doesn't end there. You can use your CraftJack Lead Manager dashboard to organize and filter your leads and upload a portfolio to show off your best work. Additionally, this tool lets you manage your budget and toggle your service area. 

Pro tip: The wider your service area, the more leads you'll get.  

CraftJack Pro App

In addition to Lead Manager, contractors benefit from our CraftJack Pro app that's available exclusively to them. This tool lets you access your dashboard from anywhere at any time. You also get some bonus perks, like the ability to track leads, request reviews, send text messages, and change the status of leads.

Benefits Of Lead Generation

Instead of relying on social media and your own website alone, implement a multichannel lead generation strategy. When you get lead generation right, forecasting sales and budgeting become infinitely easier. Attracting a steady passive stream of high-quality leads has an array of benefits, which are outlined below.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is all about how familiar the public is with your painting company. Of course, the greater the number of people in your target audience who know you exist, the more business you'll get. This means your company is worth more and you have more potential to increase profits.

The great thing about lead generation is that even if someone doesn't choose your painting company this time, you've built an association in their mind. Provided you've got a great website, logo, and communication skills, people will remember your brand and recommend you to their nearest and dearest.

More Social Media Followers

When you generate more leads, you can grow your social media following and improve your online presence. Having more followers, likes, and shares on your social profiles leads to increased trust. This means visitors to your social media pages and websites are more likely to trust and spend money with you. 

Increased Sales 

Of course, attracting more of the right people to your website means more conversions. More conversions equals more money, so you can invest more into your painting contractor business and grow to the size you want. 

What's more, you can improve your overall business strategy using the data you gather from lead generation. You'll gain a deeper understanding of which type of customer converts, giving you the ability to refine your website and content to appeal more to this type of person. 

Target The Right Customers

High-quality leads are the difference between growth and stagnation. There's a big difference between having a lot of website traffic and attracting visitors who need your service at the right point in time. Any marketing company or tool can help you get more site visitors, but it takes a more specific approach to deliver the best results.

With CraftJack leads, you tap into a pool of customers who are actively seeking services from an interior or exterior painting company. Every job you bid on is work for a person who's actively searching for your services. 

Data Analytics

With a digital lead generation strategy, you end up with a huge pool of data about your target market. You can use this data to refine your website, social media, and overall digital marketing strategy to convert even more leads in the future. This also helps you see what doesn't work so you can quickly drop those tactics and focus on what's bringing you more work.  

More Affordable Than Ads

Any small business owner knows how expensive it is to advertise online or in traditional publications. What's more, traditional ads don't speak directly to your audience, which drastically diminishes the ROI. 

Along with techniques such as SEO and content marketing, using CraftJack's lead generation tools for painting contractors is one of the most cost-effective and fruitful methods. 

How to Use CJ To Find More painting Leads 1

Should You Start A Painting Company?

Some people might be in the process of deciding if they have what it takes to set up a painting contractor business. Whether you start an external or interior painting company, you need a range of skills. Lead generation is one challenge of running a business, but the rest is down to you. Characteristics of exceptional small business owners include:

  • Risk-taking: To be a great business owner, you must be able to take risks and trust your instincts.
  • Success-driven: Being driven to constantly look for opportunities to improve and grow is a crucial skill, 
  • Goal-oriented: Successful businesses have clearly defined goals and strategies, processes, and procedures in place to reach them.  
  • Confidence: Being confident is key when it comes to sharp decision-making and making a great impression on clients and other business owners.
  • Passion: Passion is the fuel that will keep you going through tough times and the secret to impressing customers and motivating staff.
  • Curious: Business owners must never be afraid to ask questions or be honest when it comes to areas beyond their expertise. 
  • Strategic: You should be enthusiastic about moving with the times and using the latest tech and marketing tools to your benefit. 
  • Adaptive: The world moves faster than ever, so being able to adapt and assimilate new information is vital. 
  • Resilient: Last but by no means least, resilience is key to every success. Not everything goes right the first time and setbacks are abundant for painting contractors, but your ability to bounce back will protect you.

How To Succeed 

If you're at the beginning of your journey as a painting contractor business owner, you might be wondering how to get to the next step. Generating more leads is crucial to growing your company. However, the following best practices will help you get the most out of every job.  

1. Reflect On Yourself

You should have a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Without being able to self-reflect honestly, you won't be able to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and grow. You might be the most talented and speedy painting contractor in town, but if you don't have excellent people skills, you'll get less work. 

It's possible for anyone to improve their skills, provided they know they need to. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses allows you to put effort in where it's required.  

2. Have A Plan

You should have a business plan before setting up, but don't think of it as a one-and-done situation. Markets and target audiences change, and by updating your business plan once a year, you can keep your company competitive. What's more, you can always use it to track finances and marketing efforts and continually update your strategy accordingly.

3. Invest In Marketing

Marketing is essential for any painting company because it's the bridge between you and your target audience. You should have a clear marketing strategy that tackles lead generation from a wide range of avenues.

One of the best things about marketing in the digital age is the data that's generated. Whereas the effectiveness of marketing efforts used to rely on guesswork, technology allows you to measure exactly what works and what doesn't.

4. Focus On Reputation

Your reputation is everything when it comes to running a painting business. With more public avenues for feedback online than ever before, reputation management is more crucial than ever. Of course, you should maintain a professional demeanor at all times and ask for good reviews.

However, it's just as vital that you continually assess and improve customer experience. By mapping the customer journey with your contractor company and identifying and eliminating pain points, your reputation will get better and better.

5. Prepare For Expansion

There's a crucial point in all painting companies' journey to success: expansion. Eventually you'll reach a point where you can no longer grow without the need to take on staff. However, managing your own workload and overseeing a team are two very different things. If you want to expand, you should make sure you have the time, expertise, and people skills to do it. 

Grow Your Painting Company

It doesn't matter if you're a brand-new painting contractor or an established company, CraftJack can help you grow. But we don't just connect you to high-quality leads; we provide an array of tools and resources to nurture and support you along the way. 

High-Quality Leads

We carefully vet every lead before it reaches you, so you can rest assured that it's relevant and trustworthy. You'll get access to contact details for people searching for painters in your service area. Whatever type of painting job you can do, we'll help you find leads, from small jobs to large-scale projects.  

Exceptional Blog Resources

The CraftJack Toolbox includes an array of articles that can help you improve your output and grow your painting company. It helps you stay on top of industry news and trends, with new posts published every week. When you're a Pro, you'll get these articles sent directly to your inbox. 

Dedicated Account Managers

Our account managers set CraftJack apart from other lead generation websites for contractors. This individual is dedicated to your account to help you get the most out of it and maximize your ROI. Not only can they help with the daily running of your account, they provide help and advice as well. 

Start Getting CraftJack Leads Today

At CraftJack, we make getting leads and converting them as easy as it can be. All you have to do is sign up and start using your Lead Manager dashboard, bid on leads in your area, and grow your painting business. Your account manager is there to help you every step of the way, and you can dip into the CraftJack Toolbox for industry news and helpful tips.

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