How Is CraftJack Different Than Other Lead Generation Companies?

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At CraftJack, we are always finding ways to provide the best experience possible for all our loyal contractors. Over the past few years, we have made numerous updates to the CraftJack Lead Manager and would like to highlight some of the biggest changes and advantages to our lead generation services.

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CraftJack offers unique features that few, if any, other lead generation companies provide. In this article, we will explain how each gives you a distinct advantage over your competition.

Focused Exclusively on Your Trades

If you work as a roofer, a bunch of flooring leads really won’t do you much good. At CraftJack, we provide contractors leads focused exclusively on their trades. No matter your niche, you can rest assured that you will only receive leads that you want.

Luckily, other lead generation companies offer this service as well.

Calling Leads Quickly

Persistence and speed are key to lead generation— and we’ve got the numbers to prove it. Research shows that responding to leads in the first minute can improve conversion as much as 391% and that 88% of converted leads are contacted in the first 24 hours.

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Speed Discount

Lead Generated In Real-Time

If speed is key, then real-time leads are essential. It doesn’t help you if we send you a lead we found three days ago. Because of this, all CraftJack leads are generated in real-time and IMMEDIATELY sent to you via phone, text, or email. You will never have to worry about getting an old or stale lead from us.

Real-Time Leads

We understand that lead generation can be a tricky business, which is why we are here to help. All CraftJack contractors have a dedicated account manager assigned to their account. If you ever have an issue with a lead, want to change your service area, or need to increase/decrease your budget, your account manager is ready to take the call.

If you would like to do any of the following, don’t hesitate to reach out at 866-332-7134.

Access to Lead Manager and the CraftJack Pro App

CraftJack pros also get access to Lead Manager, a platform filled with tools to help contractors run their business. Within Lead Manager, you can manage your budget, clients, and leads, saving you time that could be spent elsewhere. And with the CraftJack Pro App, you can get all of this on the go, right on your mobile device!

Reviews Are Free

As Alex, a homeowner from Nashville, said, “Contractors need reviews.” There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. Besides performing quality work, reviews are the backbone of a successful contracting business. They are important for one simple reason: homeowners trust other homeowners. They want to hear from real people who have worked with you in the past. Reviews show potential customers that you are a legit business and can get the job done.

Fortunately, all reviews are FREE on CraftJack. By marking “job won” in our Lead Manager, CraftJack will automatically send an email to that homeowner two weeks later asking them for a review. If they write a review, it will show up on your CraftJack profile.

Even if you get a negative review, there are productive ways to follow up. Watch below, as Noah explains how to handle & respond to negative reviews.


Contracting can be a tricky industry, but CraftJack is here to make your life and job easier with our resources, tools, and services.

What features would you like to see added? Let us know in the comments section below or email us at