Customer Spotlight: Stockstell Services

Aaron Stockstell, owner of Stockstell Services, has worked hard to make his company successful, but he considers CraftJack an integral part of his small business plan. When expanding to a new location, Aaron took a chance on CraftJack and found it had a major impact on the growth of his company. Now, as a CraftJack contractor for all his locations, he focuses on every bid he wins, knowing those are the clients who will help his business continue to meet its expansion goals.

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As a small business owner, Aaron appreciates the easy pause option offered when CraftJack leads are coming in too quickly and his work calendar is full. He reflects on the challenges of knowing any work put in today won't show results for several months and explains how CraftJack cut that timeline down to days for his company. When asked to explain the root of his success, Aaron claims trial and error is the not-so-secret formula. For Stockstell Services, CraftJack's trial paid off in a big way. Watch the video above to learn more. Want to hear what our pros have to say? See customer testimonials here.