CraftJack Mobile App Is Live

CJ Pro App phone

Just this week, CraftJack released our FREE mobile app for all contractors in the CraftJack network. Whether you have an iPhone or Android phone, all CraftJack contractors can manage their quality leads through the newest and most sophisticated lead generation app on the market.

If you’re ready to start receiving the quality leads you deserve via a brand new mobile app, give us a call at 866-456-6977 or download the app via the following links:

Please note you must be signed up with CraftJack to use the new mobile application.

What the CraftJack App Can Do

This app is designed to help you connect and manage your leads quickly and efficiently right from your mobile device. This give you a better chance of winning the job.

Here’s all you’ll you can do with the CraftJack app:

  • Easily contact leads through the app
  • Get custom alerts for new leads
  • View lead details & contact information
  • Manage current & previous leads
  • Ask homeowners for reviews
  • Request a credit
  • Add notes for each lead received
  • See your billing & account info
  • Update your business contact information
  • Easily contact your account manager

As a friendly reminder, CraftJack offers leads for all 37 home improvement categories.

Start receiving quality leads from real homeowners by giving us a call at 866-456-6977.