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Contractor Directory

Homeowners are finding local contractors via referrals, yellow pages, offline, online and various other channels. One avenue that has been used for years and still connects millions of contractors to homeowners is the online directory.

Logically, when a homeowner is ready to hire, they look for reliable contractors in their town. Oftentimes, they search online and a directory is the first thing that comes up. Luckily for CraftJack contractors, we have one such directory that attracts thousands of homeowners every day. Continue reading to see the intricacies of our directory and how you can get added today!

If you want to be listed on this widely popular directory, give us a call at 866-456-6977. We can get you listed right away!

ImproveNet Directory

As a lead generation company for contractors, we go out and find every single lead on our own. Therefore, we have to connect with the homeowners you want to be connected with. To do that, we created a website called ImproveNet. On ImproveNet, homeowners can research project costs, see design inspiration and most importantly, connect with local contractors.

One way they find your competitors is through the ImproveNet directory. Once the homeowner picks a city and trade or service, they see a list of pros who offer those services. As an example, the homeowner on the page below is looking for bathroom remodeling contractors in Chicago, IL.

ImproveNet Directory

From the page above, they can request a quote from that contractor, as well as others in the area who remodel bathrooms.

Benefits of A Directory

Given how many homeowners are searching for contractors online, it’s no surprise that more and more contractors are connecting with homeowners ready to hire via online directories. However, besides showcasing your name on a new channel, there are plenty of other benefits of being listed on a popular directory such as ImproveNet:


As you can see in the image above, this list only contains bathroom remodeling contractors in Chicago. Chances are, only Chicago residents looking for bathroom services will find this page. Therefore, when a homeowner sees your name on a directory and calls, you can rest assured knowing it is a real homeowner, from your town, ready to hire.

With the ImproveNet directory, your name will be listed in any city you work. Therefore, even if your office were in Chicago, your name would be listed in all surrounding cities, and related trades, if you service those areas. As such, your name won’t just be listed on one page. Your company would be listed on multiple pages on the ImproveNet directory, vastly increasing your odds of closing more jobs!

New York HVAC Pros

Stand Out from Your Competitors

All online directories are different, but some give you the ability to showcase your skills and services. Fortunately, when you sign up with CraftJack and get listed on the ImproveNet directory, homeowners can see your reviews and your full CraftJack profile.

Homeowners trust other homeowners. That means all contractors absolutely need reviews on your online profiles. In the example above, you can see that HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning Installation received a 5-star review from one homeowner. Compared to A Zone Comfort Air & Heating (listed right below), HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning Installation stands out. When a homeowner sees this list, whom do you think they’re going to contact?

The answer is the contractor with good reviews listed on the ImproveNet directory. Luckily, when you sign up with CraftJack, you can post reviews, your company description and an image gallery of your best work. When you do, new leads start rolling in.

It’s Free

You should always take advantage of free marketing. Luckily, the second you sign up with CraftJack, you get listed on the ImproveNet directory. There is no fee to be listed.

Now, you do pay for CraftJack leads, but along with receiving quality leads, dedicated account managers and lead discounts, you will automatically be added to this directory for no extra charge.


We created the ImproveNet directory so our CraftJack contractors could connect with more homeowners. As more and more homeowners visit the directory, your competitors are taking away potential leads.

Give us a call at 866-456-6977 to get those jobs back and sign up with CraftJack today!