Bookkeeping Tips For A Home Service Company

Learn everything you need to know about bookkeeping services for a home service company. Discover tips and advice about daily operations and common challenges and whether to perform duties in-house, outsource, or use automated software.

Thinking about bookkeeping services can seem intimidating for a new small business owner. However, it's easier than you might think. There are several approaches to consider, such as hiring a bookkeeper, outsourcing, or managing daily financial accounts yourself. 


Confianza Del Propietario De Vivienda 101: Opciones De Financiamiento Para Los Clientes

Nota del Editor: Una forma en la que usted puede ganarse la confianza del propietario de vivienda es al ayudar a su cliente a navegar el complicado mundo del financiamiento para su proyecto. Hoy tenemos al autor huésped Andy Misek de Finance Guru que comparte información sobre opciones de financiamiento para clientes. ¡Esperamos que esta guía le ayude a contestar cualquier pregunta que se le presente sobre financiamiento!


How To Start A Home Service Business

Starting a home service business is a great way to use your knowledge and skills to make a living. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular business types and find out what you need to do to get started.

If you have experience with carpentry, painting, landscaping, or another home service, it may be time to start your own business rather than working for someone else. Running a business gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility, but it also requires good organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to manage your time effectively. 


Customer Spotlight: Stockstell Services

Aaron Stockstell, owner of Stockstell Services, has worked hard to make his company successful, but he considers CraftJack an integral part of his small business plan. When expanding to a new location, Aaron took a chance on CraftJack and found it had a major impact on the growth of his company. Now, as a CraftJack contractor for all his locations, he focuses on every bid he wins, knowing those are the clients who will help his business continue to meet its expansion goals.

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Homeowner Trust 101: The Importance Of An Itemized Quote

When you see a new opportunity for a job, there’s a lot that you can do to help you win the work. Getting in touch with the homeowner quickly, answering any questions, and referring them to your updated website are all a few things that can help win the job. However, an itemized quote can be what really sets you apart from other contractors.


Bienvenido A CraftJack: Cómo Utilizar Las Herramientas De CraftJack

Una cosa que hace que CraftJack se distinga de otras empresas de generación de clientes potenciales son nuestras herramientas. No solo le estaremos enviando clientes potenciales, sino que también le proporcionaremos suficientes herramientas para ayudarle a tener éxito.

Todo comienza con nuestros administradores de cuenta los cuales le pueden apoyar con cualquier problema que usted pudiera tener, pero también tenemos herramientas que le pueden ayudar a hacer crecer su negocio. Si usted es nuevo en CraftJack, vea algunos consejos sobre cómo utilizar nuestras numerosas herramientas.


Review Management Now In The CraftJack Pro App

Customer reviews are a great way to help you grow your business and win more jobs, so we wanted to make it easy for you to manage the reviews you receive from homeowners. We’re excited to announce that CraftJack pros now have the ability to manage reviews directly in the mobile app!

To access this new feature, be sure to update your app to the latest version.

CraftJack pros can request reviews from both homeowners they’ve worked with through CraftJack as well as homeowners they’ve worked with outside of CraftJack. This allows our pros to more quickly establish their reputation and trust among current and future homeowner customers. The best part is, it’s easy to do! You can share a link with homeowners, send them an email or auto-send them an email when you mark a job as won.


¿De Donde Provienen Los Prospectos de CraftJack ?

Si usted ha estado con CraftJack por un largo tiempo o quizás apenas está comenzando, usted podría estarse preguntando de donde obtenemos a nuestros clientes potenciales. Después de todo, uno de nuestros grandes beneficios en CraftJack son los prospectos calificados y verificados Permítame asegurarle que no se trata de magia. Estoy aquí para compartir con usted de donde provienen nuestros prospectos.

Muchos de nuestros clientes potenciales provienen de diferentes fuentes y la transparencia es la clave. Voy a compartir como CraftJack le conecta a usted con propietarios de vivienda que están en busca de sus servicios.


10 Ways To Increase Your Contractor Business Revenue

To maintain a profitable business, you need to generate as much small business revenue as possible. Here are 10 tips for increasing your revenue as a home services professional.

No matter what type of service you provide, you want to run a profitable business. One of the first steps in generating a profit is bringing in as much revenue as possible. The following guide explains the difference between revenue versus profit and provides 10 tips for increasing small business revenue as a contractor.


How To Use CraftJack To Find More Painting Leads

Generate leads and grow your painting company with support from the team at CraftJack. Whether you're looking for large scale projects or one-off jobs, we can help.

As a painting contractor, you need to work a little harder than big box stores to find leads. Most of your customers require your services once or twice but won't need them again for some time. You can't rely on repeat business as a core driver of success. As such, generating a steady pipeline of contractor leads is vital for success.