Limitless Possibilities: CraftJack Services

As you consider how you can make 2021 the year of no limits, what’s holding you back? One of the first steps to a limitless future is identifying the hurdles that are between you and your goals, determining how you will overcome them.

Between setting your own budget, paying per lead, and having easy access to your account via our mobile app, CraftJack offers our pros limitless possibilities to succeed and conquer anything standing in your way.

If you’ve been thinking about lead generation, now is the time. Sign up today to take advantage of all the great benefits of being a CraftJack pro. Use promo code “NOLIMITS” for 5 free leads with a $300 deposit.

Or if you’ve already been in touch with our Membership Team, schedule a call**.**

You Manage Your Budget

CraftJack puts the power in your hands. You control how much you spend. With our pay-per-lead model, you are only paying for the leads you receive. There are no membership fees or hidden costs when you become a CraftJack contractor. 

Your CraftJack budget is controlled by you, giving you endless opportunities for lead generation. Increasing your budget will give you more opportunities to win jobs from homeowners near you. 

Want to learn more about how CraftJack’s budget and billing work? Take a look at this video.

You Manage Your Time

Once you sign up as a CraftJack pro, you will start receiving leads and winning more jobs. However, it’s important to rest and recharge so you are mentally and physically ready to tackle those big projects.

At CraftJack, you are in control of how you spend your time. You get leads when you want to work and can easily pause your account when you need a break. It’s easy to pause and unpause your account while you finish a large job or take a weekend away to relax. Your time is valuable and we know that. You can easily go into the CraftJack Pro app any time you need to pause your account. Or give your account manager a call and they can take care of this for you!

We also offer all of our pros access to Hot Leads; another way to manage your leads and your time. With CraftJack’s Hot Leads, the homeowner requests to be contacted specifically by your business, giving you the choice to accept or decline the job. This is just one more way CraftJack puts the power in your hands. 

Assistance At Your Fingertips

One of the unique benefits CraftJack offers pros is a dedicated account manager. Unlike other lead generation companies, your account manager will know your name and be there to help when you need it. They are available to ensure you have all the limitless possibilities you need with CraftJack. From helping you with a credit to sharing job-winning advice, they are only a phone call away.

Once you sign up, you can speak to your account manager about how CraftJack can help you make this the year of no limits.

Use CraftJack Wherever You Are

Contractors are on the go, so you need access to lead generation wherever you are. That’s why we offer the Pro App, giving you quick and easy access to leads.

You can also choose to receive new leads through text, notification, email, and more, so you never miss a new opportunity.

With CraftJack, you have limitless possibilities to succeed. Sign up today and make 2021 the year of “No Limits.”

Or if you’ve already been in touch with our Membership Team, schedule a call**.**