What Lead Generation Is & What It Is Not

What Lead Generation Is

If you’re reading this blog, then you have, are currently or are interested in investing money in lead generation. Nonetheless, depending on your industry, lead generation can mean a world of a difference.

For example, lead generation in the marketing agency arena generally translates to extra traffic to one’s website. Lead generation in the journalism world means obtaining a new source for a story. Lead generation in the home improvement world is, neither.

That is why I am going to explain all there is to know about lead generation in the home improvement arena. I will explain what it is, what it isn’t and a few lead generation best practices.

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What Lead Generation Is

In short, lead generation in the home remodeling industry is the process of buying referrals who are interested in a project that you can accomplish. In simpler terms, lead generation is marketing.

It is getting the word out there. It’s letting people know, in a designated area, that you offer certain services that may or may not be suitable for their situation.

Just like marketing, one must pay for the service. No company, no matter how big or small, can spend $0 on marketing and kill it in sales. Word of mouth marketing may be one of the most powerful marketing tactics out there, but if you want to scale your business and grow, sooner or later, you will have to spend money on marketing.

Lead Gen Numbers & Facts

What Lead Generation Is Not

Lead generation is not given business. Just because we connect you with a homeowner, it does not mean they will 100% hire you for the job. Sometimes, homeowners are just looking for a quote. Other times, they are not ready to open their checkbook. No matter what lead generation service you use, contractors will not be able to close 100% of the leads or referrals you receive.

Just like marketing, every dollar will not convert into a sale. Some tactics might work and others might not. However, unlike like traditional marketing, if you implement some of the best practices below, we bet the ROI you see from your CraftJack Lead Manager will be worth the investment.

Lead Generation Best Practices

We have done the research. We have seen which contractors generate the greatest ROI from our service and found the common themes. If you implement these practices while utilizing a lead generation service, you will increase your ROI:

  1. Call All Your Referrals: If you are going to pay for the service, you might as well try to close the deal.
  2. Call Your Referrals Quickly: The best time to call is five minutes after you receive the referral.
  3. Follow Up If They Don’t Answer: Homeowners are busy, just like you and I. If they don’t answer on your first call, you have to try again (later). In fact, 80% of leads do not close on the first call. Perhaps even more vital, 53% of contractors make contact with their referral on the second call.
  4. Do Not Call Numerous Times in One Day: Once again, people are busy. If they don’t answer, it was for a reason. Either way, never call a referral more than twice in one day.
  5. Do Not Get Angry If They Don’t Hire You: Like I said, you won’t close every job. Be professional, courteous and leave your name and number for their next project.


Lead generation is the process of buying referrals who are interested in a project that you can accomplish. You are not buying given jobs. As long as you understand this fact and take into account our best practices listed above, your business will greatly benefit from lead generation.

Ready to try a new lead gen service that focuses on quality leads? Give us a call at 866-456-6977.