Homeowner Trust 101: The Importance Of An Itemized Quote

When you see a new opportunity for a job, there’s a lot that you can do to help you win the work. Getting in touch with the homeowner quickly, answering any questions, and referring them to your updated website are all a few things that can help win the job. However, an itemized quote can be what really sets you apart from other contractors.

While providing an itemized quote does take time, it can be what helps you to win the job and even gain a repeat customer. If you’re ready to put together an estimate that will impress, here are a few tips.

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What Is An Itemized Quote

What Is An Itemized Quote?

When a homeowner calls you for an estimate, do you know what they’re looking for? Often, if you’re trying to gain homeowner trust and win a repeat customer, you’ll want to provide the most accurate estimate you can. Doing so with an itemized quote can help the transparency between you and your customer.

An itemized quote lists out what they are paying for when a home service is needed, such as remodeling. While this doesn’t have to include every nail and screw, it should include significant items such as materials and labor.

Keep in mind that this is a part of your larger estimate document, which can also include informational items such as insurance information, payment options, and of course, your business card.

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What To Include In An Itemized Quote?

Are you wondering what your itemized quote should include? Be as specific as possible. For example, if you’re preparing a painting estimate, include the name of the paint color and how many gallons you estimate will be used. By adding specifics, such as color name, you can be sure you have your information correct and in writing for the customer to review.

Here are a few parts of the job to consider including:

  • Cost per hour of labor
  • Cost of permits
  • Cost of rentals for dumpster and disposal
  • Specific significant material names and costs
  • Supplies and installation material costs
  • Subcontractor fees
  • Miscellaneous items that might be related to the project

Why Is An Itemized Quote Important?

You might be wondering why put extra effort into creating an itemized list for a potential customer. While it does require some extra work, it will set you apart from other contractors who may not take the extra effort to win the job.

Providing these numbers also helps build trust between you and the customer. You’re the expert here and showing the appropriate amounts will help to educate the customer on the work you’re doing and where their money is going for this project.

If it’s a large project, consider breaking down the costs into different phases of the project, specifically for remodels. This might help customers to visualize each step, rather than seeing costs as one lump sum.

Itemized Quotes For Lead Generation

Are you looking for more ways to find contractor leads in your area? Share with your customers that you provide itemized quotes and they’re likely to pass your name along to others. Referrals are a great way to find contractor leads near you. Going the extra mile for your customer may help you gain repeat customers but also, help improve referrals from one homeowner to another.


If you’ve been on the fence about providing itemized quotes to your customer, now is the time to give it a try. It could make a difference in winning more jobs and gaining repeat customers.

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