Contractor Spotlight: 360 Painting Vancouver

We recently spoke with Angela Malone, president of 360° Painting Vancouver, and Collins Bradford, executive vice president about the success they’ve seen with their new company and what their goals are for the future. CraftJack is proud to feature them in our Contractor Spotlight!

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CraftJack: Tell me about your business and what you provide your customers? What makes your business unique? 

Collins Bradford, 360° Painting Vancouver: We started to bring answers to a few problems in the painting industry.  Though paints have gotten better over the years, there are still 2 remaining issues: Exterior paint collects dirt dust, algae, or other substances, especially in the northwest. Customers have to pressure wash, which damages the paint’s finish, and then UV fading starts. Paint may have a long warranty, but pressure washing often voids it. We bring a new $100 per gallon paint to our customers that solves these problems, but at the same price as our competitors with their regular $35 paint. We use Sherwin Williams Emerald Rain Refresh.

CraftJack: Tell me what your business goals for the year, how do you hope to grow?

360° Painting Vancouver: Well, actually we just started. We opened our doors in August and started painting in September—but I’ve flipped a few houses and build a triplex. We painted those, and we painted dormitories in college and apartments when my wife managed those. We have the experience and we enjoyed it, so I left my job and started this.   

CraftJack: How have you used CraftJack to grow your business? 

360° Painting Vancouver: CraftJack was our first lead service. We still use it.

CraftJack: What has helped make you successful? 

360° Painting Vancouver: Philippians 2:4 tells us to look to the profit of others as much as we do for ourselves. Because of this, we are a lower-margin company. We deliver superior results for a little less money and still use the superior paint products I describe above. 

CraftJack: What advice do you have for others?

360° Painting Vancouver: It is pointless to proceed in any venture without God.

CraftJack: What about your work do you find challenging and how do you overcome it?

360° Painting Vancouver: Working on lower margins, and still not charging big deposits or sacrificing work quality. We have a guarantee; we are not finished until our customer is completely satisfied.  We are also contemplating offering a flat monthly fee paint maintenance service to care for the paint permanently.  Repairs, touchups, whatever is needed.  More on that if we decide to offer it.

CraftJack: Our theme this year is “No Limits.” What does that mean to you in terms of your business goals?

360° Painting Vancouver: We want to be able to expand to any level to meet the needs of those who need our services.