4 Reasons To Call Every Lead & Homeowner

4 Reasons To Call Every Lead

It seems simple enough, but turns it out, many contractors are not calling their leads or returning potential customers’ phone calls. Simply put, you are saying no to new business.

But, besides closing fewer jobs, there are other drawbacks to not calling leads or responding to every homeowner that contacts you. See a few obvious and a few not-so-obvious downsides to not calling your leads.

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Less Work Now

The first and most obvious reason to call your leads is to close more jobs. Whether you’ve signed up with a lead generation company or not, chances are, referrals are sent your way. You either provided good work to a friend or family member, or some of your marketing efforts are coming to fruition.

If they call and you do not call back, how can you close the job? We realize you may be on the job or it could be a weekend with family, but you can not expect them to chase you. Your job is to make their home remodeling experience as easy as possible. You’re not making it easy for them to hire you if you simply do not call them back.

Less Work Later

You are a good and reliable contractor. When someone hires you, they are hiring a contractor who knows the field inside and out. More often than not, if you provide a good service, that homeowner will refer you to their friends and family. One job could turn into five; if you play your cards right. Sadly, one angry referral will derail those five potential jobs.

Let’s jump into an example to explain.

Jill hires you for an electrical job and you provide a fantastic service for a fair price. Jill then recommends you to her sister. Her sister calls you twice, but you do return her call. Jill’s sister contacts Jill, sharing her displeasure.

Now, what are the odds Jill recommends you to someone else? The answer is slim to none. As a result, you just lost five potential jobs.

Call Your Leads

Less ROI

We know there are other lead generation services out there. While we do offer certain perks others don’t, we know all have their pros and cons. But, no matter what lead generation service you use, you are paying for leads. Therefore, why would you not call them?

The same principle applies to a gym membership. If you pay for a gym and never go, are you getting your money’s worth? The answer is no.

So, not calling your leads doesn’t only decrease your revenue, but it increases your costs. All in all, that means a lower ROI.

Less Authority

Chances are, you get most of your business from referrals. If so, you depend on your reputation. Unfortunately, if you’re not calling your leads, you’re hurting your reputation.

People talk and if too many feel you’re difficult to work with or difficult to get a hold of, you’re losing authority in the field. That means fewer people will refer you and even fewer people will hire you.

The only way to ensure your reputation improves is to call every lead back and provide a spectacular service for a fair price.


If you want more business, you have to call your leads and return all homeowner phone calls. Do not expect them to chase you. If you do, you can kiss some future business goodbye.

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